Our store

contains almost 6,000 square feet of retail space on two floors. We have awesome vendors on both floors providing our customers with quality items. Inventory changes almost daily so stop in frequently.

We are dedicated to providing

  • For our Customers
    • A quality shop of antique, vintage, collectible and unique items for our customers through
    • Clean, open space booths
    • An eclectic mix of quality products in a wide range of prices
    • Superior service
    • Assisstance including but not limited to finding an item, gift certificates, layaway, delivery, and shipping
  • For our Vendors
    • Accessible booths, tables and showcases
    • Promotion of their products
    • Sales staff and bookkeeping services
    • Easy access to sales records

Contact Us

Another Man's Treasure
715 Maine Avenue
Farmingdale, ME 04344
Phone: (207)623-7600
Email: amt@anothermanstreasure.me
Store image 1

Picture 1

First floor samples.

Store image 2

Picture 2

Second floor samples.

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Picture 3

Store Policies