Meet our Vendors

The Blondins    Three booths on the lower level filled with mid-level antique, vintage and collectible items. Some of the pieces they rework are absolutely fabulous!

The Friels    Two booths on the lower level filled with high-end, quality antiques and vintage household items. Just gorgeous stuff!

Lisa    With several spaces on the lower level and one on the upper level, Lisa has an eclectic mix of jewelry, furniture, household, and designer handbags. Mid to high-end antique, vintage and collectible items.

Peggy    Peggy has fine and costume jewelry located in a showcase on the lower level. Coming soon..two booths of (we can't wait to see) fine antiques and beautifully crafted items.

The Rowes    If you are looking for that antique/vintage toy or game, you should be able to find it in one of the two booths on the lower level operated by the Rowes. Oh the memories these booths provide.

Laverne    Laverne has a large selection of quality, framed artwork displayed throughout the store as well as a booth upstairs with a wide assortment of lovely items to choose from.

Steve    With a table upstairs, Stephen provides visitors with a wide variety of new and used items and crafted products.

Apple Valley Bakery    Fresh baked pastries and cookies Friday through Sunday. Ask Kerry to make you a cup of coffee to go with your treat!

Nancy    If you love truly unique art, then you need to see Nancy's one of a kind painted furniture and other artistic pieces in her upstairs booth.

Pam    Pam has a terrific mix of antiques, vintage and collectible items for the home in booths on both floors at very reasonable prices!.

Cory & Cody    If you love vintage oil cans, advertising, pyrex and so much more, then you just have to stop by their upstairs booth and check out the selection of fantastic items.

Linda    Located on one our our upstairs tables, Linda has a super selection of awesome finds at truly reasonable prices. Just remember to grab it when you see it because Linda's items don't stick around very long.

Laurie    I could just repeat Linda's here. Laurie also has a well stocked table full of unique finds at very reasonable prices.

Pamela    In Pamela's upstairs booth is where you are going to find that quality item for that special person. You never know what she's going to have, hand made rugs, vintage clothing, a unique decorative piece, but you know if it's in her booth it is quality.

Don    It's hard to describe what you will find in Don's upstairs booth. His items are as diverse as he is! Useful snap bags for change or glasses, custom created glass sculptures, finely crafted cobalt blue hummingbird feeders....

Stephen    Stephen has a lower level table filled with remarkable finds. From beaded, covered rounds sewing basekts to carved wooden figurines, someone's treasure is waiting to be found.

Rodney    An upstairs booth and space in one of our showcases on the first floor are filled with Rodney's amazing finds. Knives, advertising, memorabilia and more are just waiting for you to explore.

Mike    A truly talented artist, you simply must see Mike's chainsaw carvings located on the parking lot side of the deck and inside.

Diane    Diane is not only one of our very talented vendors, she's also a very generous vendor. Please be sure to check out her array of hand made Raggedy dolls. Dolls with hair that co-ordinates with their outfit are specially made for charities that use that color and a portion of the sale will be sent to that charity.

The Michauds    While relatively new to our vendor family, the Michaud fit right in with their two booths of quality antiques, vintage and collectible items artfully displayed on the first floor.

Llyod    Another of our newer vendors, Llyod & his partner have two booths downstairs and two table upstairs that are filled with amazing hard to find antique, vintage and collectible items.

November    November takes vintage items that have seen their day and transforms them into one of a kind treasures.

Keith    Spectacular! It's the only word that comes anywhere near describing Keith's talent as a nature photographer. He combines that talent with a knowledge of manufacturing to make an assortment of useful items ( coaster, hot mats, wall decor) which you will find display along the stairwell and on his upstairs table.

Miles    You will find uniquely different items on the upstairs shelf Miles uses. Original painted gourd bird houses, tin buckets and more. He's relatively new and still setting up so please check him out regulary.

Charlene    Another of our newer vendors, Charlene has an upstairs booth with a great mix of unique items.

Lisa B    Lisa took over a booth upstairs and is busily filling it with a variety of wonderful finds.

AMT    Last but not least, Kerry and I have a couple of booths on both floors filled with all sorts of treasures which allows us to indulge our love of fine antiques and the truly unique. You'll never know what fantastic find you will make in our booths becasue after all... One man's junk is Another Man's Treasure!


Pictures coming soon

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First floor samples.

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Second floor samples.

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Specials? Outside vendors?